The official music video for Occupy by Haiku Salut. This is the 2D version to its virtual reality (VR) counterpart. In VR you can live inside the video and be within the performance, a part of the party.  This was exhibited at several events during 2018/19 and there are more to come in 2020!

The downloadable VR version is coming soon.

Film Producer and Director: Aaron Bradbury

Lighting and Lamp Technician: Robbie Newman

Haiku Salut are: Gemma Barkerwood  Louise Croft Sophie Barkerwood

Kissers are:
Aaron & Jennifer Bradbury
Annie & Benjamin Walker
Emma & Peter Munford
Finch & Hazel
Gemma & Sophie Barkerwood
Hugo & Louise Croft
James Machin & Gemma Barkerwood
Joe Stratton & Patrice Minihan
Julie Yates & James Thornhill (and baby Isla)
Justin & Megan Cowley (and baby Clark)
Laura Dennis & Richard Collins
Louise Croft & Jack Stapley
Pi & Sophie Barkerwood
Robbie Newman & Richard Birkin
Val & Chris Barker

Supported By NSC Creative

Occupy is the third single taken from 2018 album ‘There Is No Elsewhere’ released by PRAH Recordings.

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