Paper Workshop

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Paper Workshop

Paper experiments for the fictional world of bits. Slice, cut, stick etc.

Low Res Stills

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Low Res Stills

A selection of work in progress low res stills: They might not look like much but these images are the culmination of a few months of experimentation and figuring out a few things. Cantus in memoriam of not knowing. The animation for this section is looking good, albeit in a render rut with render times […]

More Fixing

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More Fixing

More late nights fixing. I’m like a fix machine.

Artifacts and Optimization

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Artifacts and Optimization

So with some lovely help from Shawn Hendriks at Autodesk I’ve managed to remove the glossy reflection noise from my renders that I talked about in my last post. Somehow in the process I have introduced a whole host of new artifacts… The latest is in the form of crawling bumps. Before I take a […]

Glossy Reflections Noise Issues

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I’ve been having some issues with noise artifacts in my renders. I’m pretty sure it’s being caused by mental ray glossy material settings. I’ve got some pretty high intensity values on the lights in the scene and am using photographic exposure control to pull the brightness down and achieve the right kind of contrast I’m […]

Rusty Ol’ Twinklebox

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Some texture work on the music box cylinder as a screengrab: (click to enlarge) This is how the rusty old fella is looking:

Twinklebox Textures

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A work in progress selection of screengrabs: (Click on the images for higher resolution images)

Finding Resonance

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With Biff at his Darley Mills studio trying to find a resonating object to attach the music box to. Biff has finished the melody and punched it into a strip of card ready for playing. When playing the music box, the sound you achieve is dependant on the surface that you place it on. If […]

Insincere Clockwork

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Making cogs that don’t work but will appear to work.

Cogs Cogs Cogs

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Cogs Cogs Cogs

Started modeling the clockwork innards of Twinklebox. This is the visual reference sheet of cogs and clockwork parts that I’m working from.