Shuffle Drones a Shifting Story

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I couldn’t have stumbled across this at a more appropriate time. I love Eluvium. His latest album Shuffle Drones is designed to played in any order… “The intent is to create a body of work specifically designed for and in disruption of modern listening habits and suggest something peaceful, complex, unique, and ever-changing.”

I see it as a truly haunting example of emergent storytelling. The narrative changes every time, the story is infinite and ever-changing. As you listen, you journey through a myriad of stark landscapes. As you turn and see faces from the past, lifeless and contemplating, occasionally they look at you. When are these faces from? What has brought them to the same place as me, this foggy vista, deep amidst the fields of solitude? When will this story end?

Turn on shuffle and repeat and hit play:


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