Somewhere You Loved

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Every time you recall a memory the proteins that form the memory are reconstructed. Memory isn’t an inert piece of data that sits dormant until accessed, it’s continually being destroyed and recreated; dying and being reborn. Every time the proteins coalesce and the neurons fire a little piece of the memory is changed. Remembering is an act of creation.

That place you loved, that place you often remember. That place is very different from the memory you now have of it. That place in your memory is disintegrating. It’s falling away from beneath your feet. What have you created in its place?

In Vestige, as his memories are recalled, environments are constructed around you. They appear distorted and fragmented. Details rapidly shift from one thing to another. It’s a surreal landscape of compounded memories. These environments are far from faithful interpretations of real events. They all incorporate visceral and haunting details from the moment she died.

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”

Marcel Proust


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