Passive Observations

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March 1, 2022.  Blackwell House


I’m compiling new code for my ‘thought experiment’ as you call it. A number of large data set queries that scrape comments and responses to emotionally tackling subjects. Specific words and terms related to sadness. Currently the events accessing these new procedures are completely implausible, or at least within the virtual construction. They are largely abstract and incoherent formations that materialise at seemingly random moments. Never-the-less, I’m enthralled by them. I’ve spent many hours watching geometry form from nothing and evolve into sometimes very complex structures, occasionally they are just tiny blips like sparks falling to the ground. I find myself drawing meaning from them like seeing shapes in clouds; tears falling, a bear rising into the air and disintegrating, a geyser exploding from a crevasse on Europa. I’ve frozen most other elements within the construct to focus on these elements alone and it’s amazing how lonely they feel. Even I am not present; just a passive observer. Ironically somehow feeling waves of sadness passing over me as each creation disintegrates into non-existence.

I’m not sure if I should try and influence or control what is happening or just let it continue to evolve as new data is added. I might try and cap the data or build in some weighting to what data is being used to generate the formations. For now I’m going to continue to analyse the construct and try to understand how it’s working, I’m convinced that by observing it I’ll be able to understand it’s meaning.



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