Imersa – The Future of Immersive Media

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I got back from Imersa last week, but now the dust has settled and my feet have thawed, I’m reflecting on an incredible week in Denver. I’m not sure if it was jetlag, the snow or the high altitude, but Imersa felt non-stop. Maybe it was just non-stop.

This was the first time I’ve been to Imersa. I was invited to present in the opening panel, which was entitled ‘What is Fulldome? A Celebration of the Medium’. It was a very brief overview of pretty much everything there is to know about Fulldome. My part was about the future of immersive media, which is something I think about a lot, so I was pretty excited to share some of the cool things that are going on in Fulldome and the wider field of immersion.

Here’s my part of the presentation. I had to fit it into 5 minutes so it’s very brief but should give anyone who’s new to the field of fulldome an insight into the broader picture.

(use the configure icon to see the annotations or hit ‘S’)

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