V02… The Evolution of V01

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So last year, the techsQUAD were allowed to stretch their pretty wings and create a very short 2 week exhibition at QUAD Gallery in Derby. With the hope of more exhibitions to follow they named it V01. Having worked on some stuff with Robbie before, I was invited to work on the visuals for the exhibition. Together we produced something quite special, which turned out to be one of the most visited events since the QUAD gallery opened. Due to the success of the exhibition the TechsQUAD have been given a whacking 3 months exhibition to create the next iteration of V01… As the bigger and better version of the first exhibition they naturally called it V02. And naturally they invited me to be a part of this wonderful thing.

We’ve been tinkering away at V02 for quite some time, testing out new ideas and developing the techniques we devised for V01 to create something which will expand the minds of any mortal. We’ve been testing out immersive spaces as well as stereoscopic environments. We’ve been throwing pixels all over the place. Our main aim is to create something like V01 but improve on it.

I thought it was about time I posted some work in progress shots. So here we go:

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