Lost and Floating Free

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Last night was one of those painful sleepless nights… brain firing on overdrive… folder structures and scripted camera rigs under mental construction. Unable to drift of because of the continuous buzz of things to do. Kind of ruined my morning. But today was an important one; I had my first dome test of Vessel. As expected it wasn’t as good as it was on the flat screen. It wasn’t working quite as expected. I was testing the end section of the film, where everything kicks off and explodes with colour and movement. I watched it with a couple of fulldome faced friends, we’ll call them Liam and Ian. We all had very similar opinions and ideas to make it work. The point of the final explosion of music is to create the sensation of resonating love between two people, all the usual cliches apply. The words ‘lost and floating free’ appear in space and should be read and experienced at the same time. I want to create the feeling of being overwhelmed… Rather than the current whelmed feeling. The colour and animation is working but I want to create that sensation of leaving the ground, or tumbling in zero gravity. Liam and Ian suggested adding some background elements into the scene to give a better understanding of the physical space, so when the camera rolls, it’s much more apparent. They also suggested faster and sharper camera moves. I agree with both. I don’t want to create too much external structure to the shot so I’m going to experiment with a few different camera movements to begin with. It’s times like this I’d love to have a mono-dome.

Concept image for the design of the data connectors and transmitter blocks:

Trajectory screenshot and logo concept:

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