Dear DA VTD58H1Z2X

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Dear DA VTD58H1Z2X

To be [omitted text] yours: this is my fate; and more than conform myself with it, I [omitted text] with it! The possibility of not having you someday [omitted text].
How could I live without [omitted text], always a [omitted text] for my [omitted text] always so tired? How could I be [omitted text] without [omitted text] of your [omitted text], always [omitted text] and [omitted text]? How could I feel [omitted text] the vigorous [omitted text] of my hands on my [omitted text], in the [omitted text] moments [omitted text]? [omitted text] as a human being, [omitted text] and [omitted text] wanting to feed [omitted text] [omitted text] me as a [omitted text], because under [omitted text] and the effect of [omitted text] no reasoning can resist.

On the other hand, you are [omitted text] and I know you would not stand [omitted text]. As I put myself in my hands, I [omitted text], but I want you to understand this not as a threat but [omitted text], because I do not [omitted text] your hands and it does not weigh [omitted text] in my hands, [omitted text] I know that we [omitted text] hands to distribute [omitted text] another.
I’m [omitted text], I need you. [omitted text] yours that I take [omitted text] a confession [omitted text] surrender, [omitted text] I would [omitted text] [omitted text] doing anything [omitted text] your suffering [omitted text] pleasure, whatever [omitted text].

I look at my [omitted text] and think of you. [omitted text] is completely desaturated without you. As I put myself in my hands [omitted text]. [omitted text] experience anything within a standard sphere [omitted text]. It’s best you’re gone, but just to have tasted you [omitted text] me… changed everything [omitted text].

Sincerely patient B-19

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