Domefest Official Selection

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Official Domefest Selection

I’m very pleased to announce that VORTEX has been selected for screening at Domefest 2012!

I need to buy Flavio and Rene a bottle of whisky each in celebration.

DomeFest 2012 will be held at the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium and ExxonMobil Space Theater at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge, LA.

The notorious festival runs 27-28 July, immediately follows the International Planetarium Society’s biannual meeting.

Go check out the full selection here:

Actually, what I’m most proud of is that the Jury session was held at the prestigious Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences. This was the birthplace of Jordan Belson and Henry Jacobs’ Vortex Concerts in the late 50’s… And this is where VORTEX gets it’s name. So things feel in some sort of cosmic alignment right now. Things feel cyclical and rhythmic. A good feeling.

I’ll actually be going to Domefest this year with my cosmic brotherhood, who also have a film in the selection called Miracle of Life, which was directed by my galactic buddy Max Crow and has an incredible soundtrack by Rhian Sheehan. I’ve heard a little bit about some of the productions that have been selected and I’m personally looking forward to seeing Coral Rekindling Venus by Lynette Wallworth and Life of Trees by Peter Popp. There’s an awesome trailer for Coral Rekindling Venus , which has a stunning soundtrack by Max Richter here… I’ve often thought about using a Max Richter track for a short film.

I went to Domefest back in 2008 when it was in Chicago and it was an incredible experience. It’s like a creative pollination of fulldome minds, where new ideas are discussed and experienced and then taken away and given time to flourish before the next one. The fulldome community is big, but it’s not massive, so it’s hard to get to see so much creative fulldome stuff happening all in one place. So yeah… Domesfest… Ace.

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