Melody Strip

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Little chap looking at the melody strip

Whilst I made a cup of tea this little man figured out where the music box pins should be placed on the cylinder and when they should be played. Following this, he went on to animate the teeth of the music box to the recording made by Robbie and Richard. The little man began to chant words from some kind of alien language that sounded similar to the ancient choral chants of the Georgians and began to rush about me, scared and skittish. Seven hours past and the little man showed no sign of stopping his relentless circling of the room and it was only when I had finished my cup of tea did he stop his maddening chant. Tired from his panic, his feet faltered and he fell against the leg of my chair. Panting and shiny with sweat he gradually drifted into a heavy sleep and like a rock he laid there until the morning chorus of birds roused him. Quietly he walked to the small doorway at the base of the wall, turning he glanced back at me, and with a grimace he slipped away through his little door into his little world beyond the wall.


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