Watch The Fool Looks At The Finger That Points To The Sky

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The Fool

The Fool is a short film/music promo I wrote, animated and directed in 2006. It was made with no budget or deadline so it took quite a while to make but I was a failing freelancer at the time with a lot of time to spare.

It was such a fun film to make and has been screened at many film festivals as well as featured in some great publications including Specialten and 3DWorld.

As snow falls on a sleeping world, one window remains glowing through the darkness, where a clumsy wooden puppet sits alone as a story unfolds before his eyes. Lured in by the beautifully crafted pieces of an enchanted theatre he is taken on a whirlwind ride over which he has no control.

Set to the music of The Little Explorer, this short brings to mind old zoetrope animation, experiments captured on cine film, and worlds where forgotten toys have souls.

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