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Loetzinn is a short film I wrote, animated and directed along with Chris Gooch in 2004. It was made as part of a DV Shorts scheme with the production company EM Media in Nottingham.

We got hardly any money for the project but I remember having a lot of fun making it. It’s been screened at loads of great places including Annecy and Edinburgh International Film Festival.

A bleak wind howls across the night, it is cold and hostile. In the distance a silhouetted city skyline rises out of the water into the dark sky, holding up the night like pillars.Lost and helpless on the surface of the abyss, two tin boats emerge from the surrounding mist.

With tatty edges and rust filled scars, Pop-Pop and Mac draw closer. The tension rises as they are alerted to the other’s presence. The fight for survival is about to commence.

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